Daniella Pacillo

Head Fitness Coach & Yoga Instructor

I started in the fitness industry in 2014, growing up I didn't always see the value in fitness but I knew I wanted to help people. I  was working full-time when I found my passion for fitness, training and that underlying determination to always improve. With 6 years experience in Workplace Rehabilitation and a background  in Behavioural Science (Psychology) and International Security Studies, I have developed strategies to assist individuals overcome objections toward leading a healthier lifestyle. 

Fitness to me goes beyond what we see in the mirror. When I can help change one client's perspective or reason from training because they don't like what they see to training because they want to become fitter and stronger, that is what this is all about, that is why I am in this industry. 

What is your training philosophy? 

I work with my clients to build self awareness, know when to push and know when to pull back, it is a marathon not a sprint. I keep training simple and effective. Every training session has a specific goal in mind and open communication between clients and myself. To us these are they absolute keys to success ! 

Your quote

Set high standards for your yourself and for others. 



Jack Plenty

Group Fitness Coach & Personal Training

Jack joined The Fit Collective in 2018 following completion of his Certificate III and IV in Fitness with the goal of increasing his industry experience as he completes a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Sports Science). 

With extensive experience in semi professional football and cricket, Jack understands the importance of progressive and sustainable training and applies this knowledge to his group and private sessions. You'll find Jack running Thursday AM Strength & Run Club. 

Jack is now available for semi private and private bookings.