We believe in what we deliver, we have the same 24 hours as you do and we understand the challenges that come with wanting to improve both physical and mental resilience. Here is what some of our clients have had to say: 

I have never considered class or PT style training but having trained with Dani, I am fully converted on The Fit Collective training style and program.

You can select classes that cater to your needs and Dani will tailor programs to suit. The workouts are always challenging which keeps it interesting. The small class size also allows you to get more one on one coaching and creates a friendly atmosphere.

Great results from sessions that are 45 mins or less. I’ve noticed a big improvement in my leg strength which was my main focus.
— Dave



Daniella is an amazing personal trainer. She pushes me to do my best but pays attention to know when I am fatiguing. She also pays attention to what is happening in my life and adjusts things to give a whole of life balance. - Rose 

If I could would I would have given TFC and Dani way more than 5 stars!
Dani creates classes that are the right balance of hard work and fun, and that target every single muscle in a short amount of time. I’ve only trained with Dani since August but am feeling so much stronger already! Thanks Dani!
— Hanna
With a belief in yourself & a willingness and determination to do the work, your dreams become a reality!
A massive thankyou to my amazing PT
— Maria
Dani is a fantastic trainer and yoga instructor. I recently attended a yoga session at The Fit Collective and loved it! Dani’s calm and clear instructing made the session so relaxing yet invigorating at the same time. I would highly recommend checking out The Fit Collective, not just for yoga but also for personal training and group fitness classes!
— Krystle