Our 30 minute express class where we work on speed and power movements. A group training during which places emphasis on increasing v02 max to complement heavy strength workouts in Find Your Fight. Workouts include both individual and team events, regardless you will never be alone in your pursuit. 


Combining elements of both Accelerate and Find Your Fight, Sweat will test your agility, speed, power and strength endurance. 

An ever changing program that allows you to focus on the accessory work as well as the big lifts, never neglecting the 'small' stuff because we know how important it is to build a strong foundation. 

Find Your Fight

One of our core values is working on building a strong foundation so we can be the best version of ourselves. Find your Fight focuses on building strength through barbell and free weight exercises - more than just a one dimensional workout, Find your Fight works on both uni and bilateral movements to promote overall positive movements and body awareness. 

Find Your Fight not only tests your physical strength but also your mental strength, knowing that even when you want to give up - your team is behind you to help you finish. 

Vinyasa Flow

Finding a space on your mat, slowing down movement, drawing attention inward. This is what Vinyasa Flow is all about. With a focus on both lengthening and strengthening movements, our Vinyasa Flow will challenge you as well as giving you the opportunity to re-centre, quiet the mind and focus on the breath. A moving meditation not be missed, led by our very own fabulous instructor Beth.