[ The New Rules of Motivation ]

What motivates you ? 

This is a question that so many of us do not know how to answer and I believe it is such an interesting question to ask yourself - what motivates me? 

Coming from a psychology background, I am a complete nerd for this kind of question, I want to know what drives people, what allows some people to succeed and how can people walk away so quickly from their goals when 5 minutes ago that is all they wanted. This is something that will always be of interest to me and as humans the rules of motivation will evolve as we as humans continue to evolve so here goes, my thoughts on motivation and how we can make our own rules to #findyourfight

Our motivation can be based on varying driving factors; we can be motivated positively by the achievement of something, motivated negatively by fear, be motivated by mastery, by our ego and by our external environment. As humans, we are incredibly unique and may be motivated differently by expectations and outcomes, to understand these different motivations allows us to shape and train our brains to be motivated positively enabling a positive experience to achieve success. 

Positive motivation may not guarantee successful outcome but studies show individuals motivated positively by the achievement of a goal or being motivated by becoming an expert within their field may lead to an increased success rate due to their ability to decrease anxiety levels within high pressured environments opposed to those motivated by the fear of failure or negative outcome. Studies demonstrate that those motivated by fear of failure do not necessarily perform better than those positively motivated due to the higher levels of anxiety associated with the fear of failure... this is where you need to really consider the nature and impact of your goals on your mental health. 

For the superhuman parents in the world... interestingly, from a developmental psychology perspective motivation can be fostered from a young age through providing a stimulating home environment that promotes achievement and allowing the little guys and girls to learn from their mistakes. We are absolutely impacted by our environments during our adolescent and adult years, ever heard the saying 'you become like the top 5 people you spend your time with? ' A challenging yet fair environment will also promote motivation by continuing to challenge and stimulate mental and physical development. Motivation to achieve goals all starts with the goals themselves rather than the outcome so how do we keep those levels of motivation in tact? 

- be SPECIFIC with your goals
- set goals based on ACTION and mini-goals along the way. We are much more likely to achieve goals when we focus on our actions to achieve rather than the outcome independently of action, it really is all about the JOURNEY. 
- CHALLENGE yourself. Your goals should challenge you, successes will improve confidence and failure will improve self-efficacy and motivation to push on and achieve what appears to be so near. 
- set POSITIVE goals, do yourself a favour and drive yourself TOWARD something rather than running away from whatever it is that scares you. 

So often we hear about losing motivation and yes I too have experienced this but, when we are able to reset our focus on positive steps and action.. VOILA , our motivation is back. Motivation is completely individual, you may not be motivated by what motivates another and that is completely OK but you do need to find what drives you and once you find what drives you, you need to act on it because no one can do the work for you and when you achieve your goals, the success will be that little bit sweeter. 

Create your own Rules of Motivation #findyourfight

Reference: Passer, M.W; Smith, R.E; Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour (2013). McGraw Hill Australia Pty Ltd.

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