Festive season Fun

Everyone knows how much I love the festive season. I mean LOVE - decorations are up, carols are on and I drag anyone who even shows some interest the festive season to check out Christmas lights. I am THAT person. 

I also recognise that this can be a super stressful and anxiety provoking time of the year. This is the first year that The Fit Collective is in it's very first home and learning to navigate our way through the festive season has had its challenges - luckily we have an awesome community who support us in taking a little time to get some R&R (or maybe they just don't want to hear BURPEES again). It's so easy to get overwhelmed by this season - how do we organise presents, food, our normal lives ON TOP of working full time or running a business? Here are a few little tips I have started implementing to help maintain my sanity during this season; 

1. SELF CARE - Make a point of looking after your numero uno - YOU. Maintain your training, pick and choose social engagements or even just reduce the alcohol consumption (those mid-week seedy feels aren't so fun), get organised - hit the shops early, book some time off before, during or after the festive season. 

2. ASK FOR HELP - Okay, so this one was the hardest possible. Learn to say YES to offers of help, and learn to ask for help. We are hosting Christmas lunch and as much as I would love to say I can do it all while running my baby - I certainly can't. I've absolutely asked for help - and already I feel much more under control. 

3. STOP - take 5 minutes every single day to just stop. Don't do anything, don't respond to that text or email, don't check Facebook or instagram, just STOP. 

4. DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF - easier said than done, I get it. HOWEVER, don't sweat eating that bit of Christmas chocolate, or fruit pie (bring them on), just enjoy the festive season, let go of the I CAN'T have that mentality. Not only will you drop the guilt but I can guarantee there will be less binges and much more enjoyment. 

The festive season is here - and before you know it 2018 will be here, let's enjoy the rest of 2017 without the stress of having to be perfect. I'll keep you all posted with how I go but I would love to know how you all go too or if you have any tips - send them through ! 

Happy festive season !