Follow the plan, if the plan fits

It can get a little confusing, your coach sets a plan and it is great at first but then we start to drop off a little, we get a little complacent, perhaps take a few shortcuts ? It'll be ok though right ? Let's dig a little deeper. 

When your coach / personal trainer / nutrition coach sets a plan, make sure it fits for you

If your coach has set a plan and after one month you are deviating from the plan at every possible opportunity, it simply does not fit for you. It could be the best plan ever written or it may have seemed like the ideal approach for you at first but if you can't stick to it, speak with your coach about developing a plan that you can adhere to 90% of the time. 

Does the plan offer flexibility ? 

What would happen if you were to get an impromptu invite out to dinner mid week or you can't make it to training one day ? Panic mode because your plan hasn't allowed it ? Any plan should have enough flexibility to fit into your lifestyle. No week is 100% and to base your actions on the perfect week without any flexibility could be a recipe for disaster. You should be able to get to training sessions, fuel yourself, have some down time and still focus on your day (or night) job without the 'plan' consuming your life. 

Trust your source

In today's world information is readily available, the question to ask is how credible is this information? Be aware of where your information is coming from, what qualifications and extra study / courses has your coach completed? Do they update their skills and knowledge regularly. With more knowledge comes a greater understanding of how the mind and body works and how you can get the best out of your program. Trust your coach, be ok with asking your coach questions and ensure that your coach is willing and open to answer questions and source information (most coaches love clients seeking knowledge, it's their thing!). 

Following the plan means learning about the plan, learning what works for you, learning when to adjust the plan, asking questions, critically thinking about what you are being told and practising self awareness. 

Your health is your biggest investment, without it you simply won't function optimally. So invest in your health wisely and be aware what you are investing in, follow the plan if it works for you and if it doesn't adjust it until it does (but please also be aware any change will require sacrifice), and most of all find a coach/ trainer/ mentor you can trust.