Resilience, a definition

"the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness" 

The term resilience is something that has become much more of a point of interest for individuals, organisations, communities and families. At The Fit Collective, I find this incredibly important and interesting on so many levels. We work to build and promote resilience amongst our clients and communities, we believe that resilience is fundamental to long term success. Why? It teaches you to get back up, to process information from different perspectives, promotes self awareness and most of all fundamentally allows you to cope with stressors and let's face it, our lives are full of multiple stressors. 

Resilience we believe, is something that is built from experience. It is built from experiencing challenges and stress, having to make decisions no one wants to make, having to lay it all on the line and coming out the other end with enough self belief that you will make it, regardless of the immediate outcome. 

In our everyday lives we are faced with many stressors; work, family demands, social demands and with the rise of social media we then are exposed to an 'ideal' lifestyle fuelling insecurities for some individuals. When an additional negative situation arises external to our everyday stressors, it is not uncommon to see lack of coping mechanisms amongst individuals and just like that we feel like we have lost complete control of any situation. Resilience is not only important for ourselves as individuals but for our families and the various communities we are a part of. It allows us to overcome obstacles, make progressions and continue to develop and as a species evolve. 

So how we do learn and teach resilience? 

Through controlled exposure. 

Resilience is taught through exposure to the little challenges and learning to approach such situations from multiple perspectives. At The Fit Collective, we teach resilience through movement, through challenging the body and in turn challenging the mind. Those moments when you want to give up but physically you know you can continue? Those moments are the ones that build resilience. When as a coach, I ask that my clients focus on the 'little' things as well as the big lifts, this teaches resilience (and patience), when a client misses a lift for no other reason than that shit happens, this teaches resilience. 

So everyday, build your resilience, accept some hard to face truths, understand that development and progression goes beyond your ego and pride. Settling and acceptance are two very different mindsets - don't settle for an outcome, accept a potential outcome and start considering your plan B.