The ideal training program

On a daily basis we see new training programs flood the fitness industry, all claiming to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time. I believe that we inherently know many of these programs don't contain any special element but we as humans will generally always seek the easiest path, so we go with what we are told is the best without any further research, question or body awareness. 

Your ideal training program will be the program that is aligned with your goals, simple as that. If a training program is a well-rounded program designed to uplift weaknesses and maintain (or improve) strengths as well as expose the body (and mind) to various stimuli, enabling you to make progress through consistent application and over time that is the right training program for you. Most training programs will work, but will they work in accordance to your goals? absolutely not, because we don't all share the same goals. 

Consistency is a greater variable than a lot of us are willing to admit. The consistent application of a training program that factors in progressive overload, de-load sessions, mobility, rest and recovery week after week is what will get you closer to your goals as opposed to a training program with limited focus and either too much or not enough of the above. 

The reality is, there is no magic training program that will get you the results instantaneously. The ideal training program is one that is aligned with your goals and your why, one that you can consistently apply and most importantly, one that you enjoy.