Do you Exercise or Train?

Are you training or exercising? Many of my clients have incredible routines for exercise – they come in, get shit done and leave. They feel great, get a great workout in and leave in a sweaty mess however, some clients want more than just that feeling they want to see and feel themselves getting faster, fitter and stronger and I work to educate clients who work with me that we do this through structured training, not just exercising.

Through structured training programs we are able to work toward specific goals – each client knows the WHY behind the exercise we are doing and quite often there is homework set for each client, as most of my clients know stretching is usually always on the cards because fundamentally we do not do this enough. The clients I get to work with are educated on why I include high and low weeks and when to expect these so they can prepare mentally and physically.

There is nothing wrong with just exercising, let me be clear about that, movement in all forms is great for the body and mind but for those clients who want more- be clear about your goals, communicate these with your coach and work out a plan. I have been coached in this same way and from my own personal experience, this approach (with the right input of energy) works every time. Coaches, trust your clients enough to share your insight into their progress and encourage your clients to learn, to experience and to share their knowledge with you because let’s be real, you don’t know everything and you never could.

So team, work with your clients to determine if they want to exercise or train, clients and coaches; determine specific goals, coaches; provide a source of education and most of all be open to learning from your client – coaching is a two way street and trying to coach or receive coaching via a one way street just won’t work.