Find Your Fight

#findyourfight, this is something that is incredibly meaningful to me and even though it may just seem like another hashtag to you I want to explain myself a little further. 

I believe we all have that little something inside of us, and when we really dig deep we are able to unleash our inner warrior completely bypassing anything that we may perceive as a threat or barrier. The thing is, I also believe that some of us are so comfortable - too comfortable to really go after what we want in life and we end up convincing ourselves that we are happy living our life that is just 'good' or 'OK' without ever truly challenging ourselves, without launching ourselves into what we really want, essentially we are just settling. 

For an incredibly long time, I would make excuses about why I couldn't do something - there was always a reason and sometimes I catch myself falling into old habits. In retrospect I wasted a lot of time and passed up many opportunities however, this has allowed me to literally find that little fire inside of me that will always continue to fight for what I want.  #findyourfight reminds me that my inner warrior is in there, that settling is just plain rubbish and that I deserve better than my excuses, I am better than my excuses. This doesn't mean I don't fail because I do, often, but after I have usually cursed, thrown some sort of tantrum or just completely lost it (in my head), I am able to reflect and #findmyfight because I absolutely refuse to lose. 

#findyourfight is what reminds me to tap into what I really want and 9 out of 10 I am ready to launch into exactly what I have set out to do. Don't allow fear of the unknown stop you, fight for what you want, fight for yourself and fight for your goals - no one else will fight harder for you than you so just remember that next time you settle for OK.