Why your training session should go beyond the conditioning phase


Stretching and mobility work is so much more than being able to simply touch your toes. It is a fundamental component to your training program, not an accessory, not a component you add on to the end of your session if you have time. We stress again, it is a fundamental part of your program. 

As we move through our training program we progressively overload our bodies by manipulating the intensity of our workouts. Over time, unless we stretch and work on mobility our bodies ability to work at their optimal level may decrease due to muscle tightness, and up goes the chance of sustaining an injury. 

So how do we address this? 3 key phases to include in your workouts incorporating stretching and mobility work - 

1. WARM UP - your warmup should replicate the same movements as your workout, move through range of movements, and remember your warm up is not your workout - ease into it. 

2. MOBILITY - include dynamic movements and mobility exercises during your workout. A mobile body is able to move freely through range of movements. This enables us to avoid injury, improve our strength and keeps our joints healthy. 

3. COOL DOWN -your cool down is as important as your warmup. Cool down effectively to reduce the likelihood of cramping, dizziness and to lower heart rate.  Include a stretch here to further promote flexibility, muscle and joint health. 

Relatively simple strategies to start incorporating into your workouts, start today - make it as essential as your conditioning phase. Train efficiently and effectively.